The Erawan Group is managed on
the principle of good corporate governance

The Erawan Group Public Company Limited has conducts the business based on the Corporate Governance Principle by focusing on a law-abiding operation and adhering to morality and business code of conduct where the information is disclosed in a transparent and straightforward manner. We also established the internal control system and auditing mechanisms to ensure that our operations are effective and efficient. We operate the business by taking into account our responsibility in every aspect to shareholders and stakeholders. The Company Board of Directors’ structure, that stipulated 36.36% of total number must be independent directors, was consist of 4 sub-committees in order to supervise the management in detail.

With regard to the corporate governance, The Erawan Group has set up the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee (NCG) to establish, review and update the corporate governance policies and practices to ensure that the company have the management standard and guidelines which can be actually and appropriately implemented under the President’s supervision. The established corporate governance practices was divided into 8 areas and, for more effective, it was used as one of the factor of the staff’s annual performance appraisal.

The Erawan Group has emphasized the staffs’ understanding on the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility where business is run by properly taking into consideration the interest of all stakeholders whether they are employees and family, customers, suppliers/creditors, competitors, public sector, society and environment and has appointed the responsible unit to monitor and conduct an opinion survey of stakeholders regularly. In 2015 and 2017-2019 the Erawan Group was certified as an ESG100 Company are recognized for its outstanding sustainability performance in the tourist & leisure sector in Thailand by ThaiPat Institute and the Securities and Exchange Commission, Thailand (SEC) and Certifies as The Member of Thailand’s Private Sector Collective Action Coalition Against Corruption’s (CAC) on 30 June 2020

Corporate Governance can be divided into eight areas as follows: